Song of the Day: "Enter Sandman"

Song of the Day: "Enter Sandman"

As a big sister, I’ve always prided myself on being pretty fair and the general “good example” that my parents always asked that I be. I think a lot of first-borns have the same story. However, like anyone else, I’m not perfect, and while there are less than a handful of things that I’d really take back that I did with/to my two younger sisters, they are each a doozy.

One of the things that I wish I hadn’t done was scare my youngest sister to death with a Metallica song.

I was ten or eleven, so she must have been about three or four—which makes this even worse, I know. She was always in my room—both of them were—bothering me, and I remember this was the year I started watching them both on my own, and boy did I resent it. It was fun at first; I remember making macaroni and totally screwing it up, serving them crunchy noodles. But when it became a daily thing, and my childhood freedom turned to unpaid babysitting, I wasn’t a happy camper.

Anyway, this night, she came into my room, wanting to hang out with me yet again, and I was really into the Metallica black album. I started singing “Enter Sandman” to her, and I made this really scary face, and of course, she started to cry. I immediately felt like the world’s worst sister, and maybe I was.

Well, at least I never told her she was adopted, like my mother did to her own sister.

To this day, she hates the song, and though I know I shouldn’t, I still love it—as well as the rest of the black album. And the joke is on me, since she’s 20 and stuck so far up her boyfriend’s butt she never has time to see her “old” sister anymore, when I would actually like to see her. That old adage to love it while you’ve got it because it won’t be around forever is certainly true.

It’s scary, and it’s got dragons and snow white and monsters under your bed, so what isn’t to like, if you’re old enough to listen to it? Hell, it would make a pretty awesome movie, when you think about it. The music sounds quite different from everything Metallica made before this album; in fact, many “purists” don’t like it at all, though it’s what threw the band into the mainstream, if I remember correctly. I remember being introduced to it while going camping with a friend and, though I don’t think of the said friend in a positive light anymore, I still love the album.

You can listen to “Enter Sandman” here. Just promise me you won’t traumatize a toddler with it like I did when I first bought the album.

And don’t even get me started on the time I traumatized my other sister with the wolf from The Neverending Story. She’s 23 and still can’t watch the movie! I really didn’t mean to do that one on purpose, though, I swear…